Partnering For Responsible Tourism

December 16, 2016
Our expertise in Tibetan culture and travel along with our value for empowering the communities with which we work attracts various organizations focused on service and education such as Beanstalk International School, Malvern College and the Chengdu Rotary Club. Recently, we have connected with these organizations who are inspired by our stories and desire to provide opportunities for their students and members to experience our services and hospitality. Extravagant Yak shares the corporate values of responsible tourism practices and philanthropy with these organizations. We look forward to working alongside them to make changes in the rural areas of Tibet.
It's so good to share our responsible tourism at schools

Tsering is at Beanstalk International School

Responsible tourism practices guide every tour that we plan. Our work and heart are never separate from the local Tibetan community. We always work with local guesthouses, restaurants and guides. Together with them, we strive to discover more of Tibet’s mysterious culture and fascinating land. Further empowering these business owners to realize their potential and achieve their dreams is a major focus of our company. We have found that the secret of happiness and success is not how much money you make; it is about how many positive changes you make in other peoples’ lives.
In addition to partnering with these local businesses, we have created a platform from which we strive to share the stories of these small-business owners: Tibetpedia. Amazing accounts of Tibetan entrepreuneurs’ businesses along with free resources regarding Tibet travel information can be found on Tibetpedia. Extravagant Yak sponsors and puts our heart into these businesses. Our constant search for small, creative Tibetan businesses enables us to continue sharing their inspiring stories with our friends from around the world.

Jim’s sharing at Chengdu Rotary club

We love what we do. As a tour company, we feel honored to help people discover the beauty of authentic Tibetan culture and the richness of the land. We are thrilled to see our clients enjoy their adventure on the roof of the world. We want people to explore the beauty of Tibetan people while coming alongside our work to empower these local communities in a sustainable way. We look forward to our future engagements with these two international schools and the Chengdu Rotary Club.  
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