Tibet Travel: Essential Info

Where is Tibet? Is it part of China? Do I need a special visa to get there? These are all great questions. We get them all the time. Read this brief article to get a quick understanding of what Tibet travel means in today’s geopolitical landscape.

SW China and the Three Regions of Tibet

tibet regions map



Tibet Unveiled

Known for its extraordinary tranquility and rugged beauty, Tibet is a place like none other. Awe-inspiring mountain panoramas, vast undulating grasslands, active Buddhist monasteries, and a deeply traditional culture that is disarming in its warmth of hospitality, combine to make this one of the most fascinating lands on earth. You too can now enjoy the sights and sounds of this highland wonderland. Known for its reliable bookings and extensive regional knowledge, Extravagant Yak is a premier Tibet travel agency that has been helping adventurers and admirers alike discover the unseen beauty of Tibet for years. Find out why we exist.

Tibet Tour Package

From Jiuzhaigou to Lhasa and Everest Base Camp to Kathmandu, our Tibet tourism service ensures that you get to see the beauty and splendor of this remote land first hand. Whether you’re interested in visiting Tibetan Buddhist monasteries or want to bathe in the rich culture of the Tibetan people, we’ll craft a perfect travel package that meets and exceeds your expectations. Find out how it works.

Through our personalized Tibet tourism service you’ll view historic landmarks such as the Jokhang Temple, Potala Palace, Pelkhor Chode Monasatery, Barkhor Circuit, Everest Base Camp, and more. Our local guides offer you the insider experience of seeing Tibet through the eyes of a Tibetan. All at your own pace and according to your wishes.

Journey of a Lifetime

Come revel in this mysterious and exotic land and learn why Tibet is such an attractive destination for people around the world. From the tallest mountains to ancient monasteries, this sanctuary of unparalleled scenery and culture will make your Tibet adventure a definitive life experience. You will find it virtually impossible to limit yourself to only one trip to Tibet!


Partnering For Responsible Tourism

Our expertise in Tibetan culture and travel along with our value for empowering the communities with which we work attracts various organizations focused on service and education such as Beanstalk International School, Malvern College and the Chengdu Rotary Club. Recently, we have connected with these organizations who are inspired by our stories and desire to provide opportunities for their students and members to experience our services and hospitality. Extravagant Yak shares the corporate values of responsible tourism practices and philanthropy with these organizations. We look forward to working alongside them to make changes in the rural areas of Tibet. Responsible tourism practices guide every tour that we plan. Our work … [Read more]

Can It get any better than this?
A pulse quickening 3 min summary of adventures in recent days!
Oct 2018 Tibet Backcountry MTB: 10% off
Oct 2018 Tibet Backcountry MTB: 10% off
Can It get any better than this?
A pulse quickening 3 min summary of adventures in recent days!
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