Sok Bo Tibetan Hostel

On a hillside above the town of Xinduqiao, Sok Bo Tibetan Hostel is open to receiving travelers who wish to explore the Kham Tibetan Region.

Tsering Lamo (the owner) used to work for a hostel as a chef, and it was there that she learned a lot about running a business and customer service. Tsering enjoys serving and welcoming guests from all over the world.

Tsering had the dream of being an entrepreneur when she was in high school. She thought that she wouldn’t have very much time to be with her family if she worked for others, but as an entrepreneur she would have a lot of time and freedom to be with her family. As an entrepreneur, Tesring would also get to enjoy doing something that she is very passionate about and is interested in.

With such a vast amount of color in one place, it is no wonder the tibetan culture is so beautiful

Tsering thinks that it is very meaningful to gain a lot of different life experiences. So in March in 2015, she decided to open a hostel on her own in her hometown. Currently, there are many guest houses in her hometown, but she is the only local business owner.

If you choose to stay at Sok Bo Tibetan Hostel, you will not only enjoy the beautiful view from the rooms, but also the local Tibetan food and flavors. While there, you could try Yak meat pizza or hamburgers, if your taste buds are up for the adventure.  Tsering is a very outgoing girl, and if you ask nicely, she might even teach you some of the local Tibetan style dancing if you are interested in testing your coordination! There are also a variety of handcrafted pieces Tsering could show you to buy, made by the locals, which might serve as a reminder of your trip for years to come.

Feeling adventurous? Try the yak meat pizza while staying at Sok Bo Tibetan Hostel

Tsering has gone through some difficult moments, but she always faces them with her determination and positive attitude. Now, she has three staff and a few volunteers.  Her dream of being an entrepreneur came true, but she is not satisfied with it just yet. Tsering dreams big. She wants to help poor Tibetan students with their school tuition and others who can’t afford their medical bills, through the success of her business. Tsering desires to be a good example of female entrepreneurship, and wants to encourage other women who have similar dreams as her.

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Address: Behind of Xinduqiao Tibetan Middle School or Near by National Road 318,  Kangding County.

Phone: 135-6867-8805