Lianbaoyeze Holy Mountain

Driving about an hour and a half north of Aba town, travellers are rewarded with the spectacular views to be found at the Lianbaoyeze Holy Mountain (གཉན་པོ་གཡུ་རྩེ།) Scenic Area. With a mountain range surrounding a large lake, the air here feels clear and pure. The area surrounding the Lianbaoyeze Mountain is a scenic park, meaning there are a couple of things to see and do.

Lianbaoyeze Holy Mountain

The mountain itself is considered holy due to its Tibetan folklore history. The holy mountain is described as having a front gate, and doors on four sides. Each door and side of the gate has a different god associated with it making this mountain the home of six divinities. It is said that to the left of the gate is “Layagawu” (a white divine cattle), with the right being “Jiashidamawu” (a red divine tiger). Meanwhile, the gods of the doors are “Pawengzhiyu” in the north (a cubic magic stone), “Kecainangqian” in the south (an elephant), “Lawengtuoga” to the east (a white-forehead mountain divinity), and “Zhayisecha” to the west (a gold-armored mountain deity).

It also seems that wherever you go in Tibet the epic of King Gesar has a local legend. The Lianbaoyeze area is no different, as the stories say that the area was King Gesar’s battlefield.

A Stupa in Lianbaoyeze Holy Mountain

Zhagaercuo Lake

According to the local who took us, there are approximately 360 lakes on this mountain, with Zhagaercuo being just one of them. This lake lies at an elevation of 4,200 meters, and the beautiful clear water occupies 3 square kilometers. Zhagaercuo Lake is hidden from the road when you approach, but after an approximately 20-minute walk on the recently built boardwalk, this stunning highland lake comes into view. (Note: This includes several flights of stairs, and due to the elevation, it may take you longer as you catch your breath).

Zhagarecuo Lake in Lianbaoyeze Holy Mountain

Other Activities

There is space within the grounds of the park to camp alongside the river, or there are a few guest houses at the base of the mountain. If you wish to hike or walk, there is a trail that runs alongside the river from the park entrance to the base of the mountain (at which point it turns into the previously mentioned boardwalk). There are also new roads being built in this park, meaning that new scenic locations are becoming accessible to visitors all the time.

Getting There

The drive to Lianbaoyeze Holy Mountain Scenic Area takes about an hour and a half from the town of Aba. As there are no buses running to this area, your best option is a private vehicle hire. While this may seem a bit out of the way, the trip is well worth it.