Tibet Student Trips

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For international students living and studying in China and the Asia Pacific region, student trips to Tibet offer an other-worldly experience of a lifetime that is within easy reach. Whether the purpose of the trip is wilderness adventure, cultural studies, or service oriented, we specialize in catering our trips to meet diverse educational outcomes.

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Regardless of the trip type, each student trip offers an introduction to Tibetan culture, history, and lifestyle. In addition to this, here are some further experiences that are offered as part of student trips to Tibet:

  • Help local farmers pick vegetables and forage for mushrooms
  • Stay in a homestay with a local Tibetan family and learn about their customs and lifestyle
  • Adapt to a basic lifestyle that is more common than many students realize

Harvesting potatoes with a local Tibetan family

  • Learn to prepare Tibetan ethnic food and eat with your hosts
  • Try a traditional Tibetan art form by visiting a Thangka painting center

Learning about the traditional Tibetan art form of Thangka painting.

  • Complete a 3 to 6 day trek in the backcountry; set up camp and cook over a fire
  • Camp with Tibetan nomads to experience a lifestyle that pre-dates modernity by thousands of years on a 2-6 day horse trek

Backcountry trekking in Eastern Tibet

  • Try basic rock climbing and rappelling, and learn about basic rock and rope safety
  • Combine a cross cultural Tibetan home stay experience with cycling. Ride bamboo bikes to nearby scenic spots

Students cycle in a Tibetan valley while staying at a Tibetan home stay

  • Capture incredible images on a photography trip to authentic Tibetan villages
  • Visit a glacier park and experience the physiological effects of high elevation

Students experience high elevation on visits to Himalayan mountains and glacier parks (up to 4860m)

  • Fundraise for an orphanage visit; deliver a gift of food; interact with the orphanage kids
  • Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites and iconic historical sites like the Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple in Lhasa
  • Take a trip to the world’s highest peak: Everest Base Camp

Visit iconic sites like Everest Base Camp (5200m)

  • Visit Tibet history and culture museums
  • Gain an awareness of the diversity of China’s ethnic minority cultures
Student trips to Tibet offer a diverse range of experiential education
  • Tibetan Home Stays
  • Tibetan Art Classes
  • Making Ethnic Foods
  • Monastery Visits
  • Trekking and Cycling
  • Wilderness Camping
  • Community Service
  • Yours to choose
** All depending on group size, trip length, and destination

Visit iconic historical and cultural sites such as
  • Lhasa
  • Potala Palace
  • Jokhang Temple
  • Everest Base Camp