Taoshi Yongdeng Tibetan Bar

Guest post by a student, written on one of our Social Investment Trips, 2017.

The Taoshi Yongdeng Tibetan Bar is a recently opened restaurant (2015) in Kangding (Sichuan province). Located up a flight of stairs in the older part of town, throughout the day, guests can find this uniquely structured restaurant packed with customers, ranging from locals to tourists from around the world. According to both the owners of the restaurant and regular customers, it is a must for all to try their exclusive yak meat. It would be a major disappointment if this highly recommended dish does not end up on ones’ receipt, as this would mean you had missed one of the best dishes! Unsurprisingly, this restaurant also offers a variety of other local dishes, such as momos and yak pizza, and an impressive drink menu.

 ↑  Yak Meat and Potatoes

As you step inside the restaurant, one is welcomed by a “homey” feeling because of the locally made, customized decorations and furniture in the reception. If privacy is what you need, then you are certainly not going to be let down! The bar offers private rooms for those who come in large groups, or for those who have booked a room in advance. All customers are served by waiters specially trained by the owner. The owner is known for having trained dozens of top waiters throughout her career, so service here is terrific!


↑  The Restaurant overlooking the streets of Kangding

The menu is tourist-friendly as it contains simple English that should be understood by most travelers. The chefs are all Tibetan, meaning that eating dishes from this restaurant gives you the opportunity to taste authentic Tibetan food. As a bonus, the owner of the restaurant claims that all their meat comes from the mountains of Luhuo and Setar – nearby areas specially known for the finest yaks. 

 ↑  A server at the bar, waiting for her guests

Talking to the owner, she hopes to begin expanding the business outside of Kangding, but as of now, she acknowledged that an ideal business partner had not been found. Everyone is welcome to try a bite of their mouth-watering food.

They are opened 7 days a week from 9.30 am to 11.30 pm.

 ↑  An ornate entrance to the bar.


Contact Info:

Address: 康定溜溜溜溜城108剃B幢2楼
Kangding Liu Liu Town Stairs 108 Pillar B 2nd Floor

Telephone: 0836-2863222
For further information call: 1364490007