Tibet Travel Must Sees From Local Guides

Tibet Travel Must Sees From Local Guides

by Extravagant Yak January 15, 2019 0 Comments

Here at Extravagant Yak, excellent service and cultural authenticity lie at the heart of what we do. Our experienced and knowledgeable guides play a pivotal role in delivering authentic experiences and are passionate about showing travellers all that Tibet has to offer. This month, we asked a few of our guides to share their favorite off the beaten path destinations in Tibet. We’re excited to present these must-visit locations when visiting the Roof of the World, as suggested by those who know the terrain best.


The picturesque Zhonglu village sits on a hillside in Danba.


Favourite site: Danba (Kham Tibet Region) 

Why you need to visit: My favorite place has to be Danba in Kham Tibet Region. Danba is a very beautiful and peaceful place. There are so many local Tibetan villages we can visit. I love Zhonglu village the most because of the gorgeous view, traditional architecture, dress and harmonious life of locals and nature.  Zhonglu village is located on a hillside and it has one of the astonishing views. We can do some hikes around the villages and we can try to do some farming work.



Local Tibetan people are so friendly and welcoming. I enjoyed chatting and dancing with them. Different seasons have unique and different sceneries. It will never disappoint you whenever you go.  I remember one of our English clients wanted to buy a house there. The client said: “I have been so many places in the world, but Danba is one of the best places I have even been”. The altitude of Danba is 1800 meters, so locals can grow so many vegetables. We can eat organic food everyday. I feel so happy and healthy whenever I go there. 


EY trip(s) that visit this location: Eastern Tibet Photo Tour 


The majestic Minya Konka is often referred to by locals as King of the Sichuan Mountains.  


Favourite site: Minya Konka Valley (Kham Region)

Why you need to visit: My favorite place to visit has to be the Minya Konka valley, where most of our trekking and mountain bike trips happen. It’s a peaceful valley with forests, snow peaks, glaciers, lakes; occasionally you will have the opportunity to meet a nomad family who is herding their yaks deep below the high mountain passes. Minya Konka sits on the eastern edges of the Tibetan plateau, in the Kham region south of Kangding, and is a 7,556-meter mountain that has everything to offer for an adventure tour. The reason I enjoy it so much is not only because of its natural beauty but also the outdoor experiences it presents. Being able to feel a sense of achievement after each trip is a truly significant.

EY trip(s) that visit this location: Mountain Bike Backcountry Tibet



The town of Kangding traditionally served as a key trading hub between mainland China and Tibet.


Favourite site: Kangding (Dardo)

Why you need to visit: I personally loved living, working and visiting in Kangding (Dardo), because I have learned lots of things there. Dardo has always been the gateway to the Tibetan World. It is the largest city and capital of Ganzi, Tibetan Prefecture, in western Sichuan Province. Dardo has a very cozy atmosphere. Our visitors and international tourists love trekking, hiking, and camping, etc. In there, you can see the snow-capped peaks rising above the North side of Migoo Tso, and monks walking out of Dorjee-drak monastery. Of course, there are many other things to see such as stupa, lakes, forests, mountains, hot springs, Tibetan Buddhist rock paintings, and grasslands. Our customers are  able to experience beautiful sceneries, marvelous fascinating landscapes, and untouched nature. On top of that, it is famous and historical with a rich culture. So far, It is one of the top tourist destinations. People there are awesome and friendly. Therefore, Kangding is everyone’s paradise.

EY trip(s) that visit this location: Gateway to Tibet, Eastern Tibet Photo Tour, Mountain Biking Backcountry Tibet



Feeling inspired yet? This year, cross Tibet off your travel bucket list. Five of our freesale trips stop by these must-visit locations and we’d also be happy to arrange private tours customized to your needs! Let us help plan your trip today!


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