International School Teachers Experience Tibet

International School Teachers Experience Tibet

by Jim Hamp October 06, 2016 0 Comments

We took a group of 10 clients -international school teachers in Hong Kong – on a Fall Break trip to the Tibetan Plateau. It was an absolutely amazing experience! We spent 3 nights in Kangding. We visited the beautiful, snowy mountains of Yajiageng. We hiked to Dacaoba, a 3-hour journey filled with stunning views. In the evening, we had a delicious Tibetan dinner and joined local Tibetan dancing at Kangding square.

The fourth day, we drove to Zhonglu, a village in the mountains above Danba county town. On the way, we stopped to ride Tibetan horses in Tagong. The teachers enjoyed the fascinating grassland scenery as we trotted alongside Yala Mountain and Tagong monastery.

Our homestay in Zhonglu village

We spent 2 nights in Zhonglu. It is such a breathtaking and peaceful place to visit. We explored the village, and visited an 800-year-old local house where we learned about traditional Tibetan architecture. We hiked to a nice hillside from which we could see a view of the whole village. We also enjoyed fresh and organic fruits. Staying in Zhonglu was a highlight of the trip for all the teachers.

International school teachers enjoy riding horses.

The final 2 nights the teachers explored Chengdu, where they saw the pandas and got a feel for the city through a bamboo bicycle tour. It was their first time to ride BAMBOO bike and they were so excited about it. We had Sichuan HOT POT and local beer during our farewell party on the last night.


Bamboo Bike ride in Chengdu

Everyone felt it was the trip of a lifetime, and they kept telling us that Extravagant Yak is such a gift to them. We felt honored and overjoyed to show them various unique and beautiful cultures and places.



Jim Hamp
Jim Hamp


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