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Extravagant Yak’s expert knowledge of Eastern Tibet allowed us to travel far off the beaten track, experiencing a true immersion in local culture. While I have traveled a great deal, including extensive travel in Asia, this trip stands out as wild, beautiful, and completely unique.
– Vikki M, Canada


Traveling with Extravagant Yak was like having a back stage pass to the most beautiful places I’ve seen on this earth. Wow, the food, the mountains, striking landscapes, lonely roads, and the people. It was a blast! Jim’s the real deal, and his connections, proficiency with the local languages, familiarity with the customs and passion for the region opened the door to experiencing Western China’s rich culture and beauty in a way that felt real and authentic. I learned a lot, felt well taken care of, and knew I was in good hands through every turn of the road, both planned, and unexpected. I would definitely recommend traveling with Extravagant Yak to anyone looking for an authentic way to experience Western China.
– Amy Beth B, USA


I arrived in Chengdu with the goal of shooting video and stills in eastern Tibet and wouldn’t have been able to do any of that had it not been for Extravagant Yak.  They know this area extremely well and were able to guide me to towns, villages and scenic vistas beyond what I had ever seen before.  They provided the best transportation possible and made sure that I had the right clothing and gear for my adventure.
They handled everything very professionally, but have an amazing connection to people of this region.  Not only did I get to see this land, but I was able to meet and get close to the people who live there.  My photographs and video that I was able to capture are some of the most stunning that I have ever made.
– John W, USA



Our experience with Extravagant Yak was like a complete breath of fresh air. We have traveled to many distant places several occasions organized but this was just different. These people are professionals but not in a annoying “we know what to do, we are experienced, follow us” way but they mingle locally so transparently that by doing that and by joining them the highest cultural expose is guaranteed. They succeed providing the true local experience despite you being foreign.Highly recommended!
– Niels R, The Netherlands


In a land so huge, so beautiful, and so wild, having the best guides was a necessity. This company knows what it’s doing and combines adventure with comfort – great job Extravagant Yak – keep it up!
– Jordan M, Canada


I really enjoyed cycling in the Tibetan areas of Sichuan province. It was a priviledge to be invited into homes of the locals there. There is something about arriving at a remote village on bikes that breaks through people barriers. They are immediately curious and open to hearing from you. It gives you an open door to engage them. You also have the opportunity to see so much of China that you would never get to see otherwise. The biking wasn’t too hard and having a support vehicle carry our bags did help. Loved my time in China and going by bike is the way to do it.
– Ashleigh E, USA


The bike tour through China was a unique experience and a great way to meet Chinese people. Jim was a competent guide and his fluency in the language was invaluable to us as tourists.

– Katherine S, USA


Extravagant Yak’s understanding of my comforts and desires as a westerner, while possessing knowledge of Chinese and Tibetan culture and fluency in the languages, gave me the freedom to just sit back and enjoy myself in the moment knowing they were taking care of my needs and wants. I plan on going back out with them again in the future.
– Chris J, USA


I found out I was pregnant after we had already planned the trip and after discussion with Extravagant Yak decided to proceed. They were very sensitive and made accommodations for our special needs. We always felt safe and well cared for. The off the beaten path experience was amazing, introducing us to many local gems while being respectful of local culture and people. The pace was  excellent, a good blend of in-depth cultural experiences with appropriate down time to reflect and rest. Our only regret was that we did not have more time.
– Julie M, NY USA


Extravagant Yak went out of their way to tend to the smallest concerns while their know-how, experience, and expertise provided an adventurous, unique, and unforgettable experience. In my travels of the world, it’s rare to find a tour company that provides an organic tour where the authenticity of the people and their traditions are maintained.
– Justin A, USA


Extravagant Yak is awesome! I was blown away by the people we met and the places we got to see. I proposed to my girlfriend in an alpine meadow and that moment will live on as one of the best in my life (plus I can’t imagine better engagement photos!)
– Jonathan D, USA


Great trip – no – better than great. Nothing like the Himalayas and the Tibetan communities and traveling with people as competent as the Extravagant Yak group took the sweat out of everything. You’ve gotta try the Tibetan tea (not!). The scenery is breath-taking – hour after hour. Jim knows his way around and speaks the language which sure makes a difference. I can totally recommend these people and the backroads they travel.
– Lloyd O, Canada


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    • Eastern Tibet impresses the traveller who is keen to avoid the crowds found in other parts of Tibet because they not only encounter a more authentic expression of Tibetan culture, but also discover some of the most stunning scenery found on the Tibetan plateau.

      Jim Hamp, CEO
      Extravagant Yak Travel, Ltd.
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