Tibetpedia Launch!

June 23, 2016

Extravagant Yak is pleased to announce the launch of their new website Tibetpedia.com! On this site you will find content about Tibetan culture, religion, food, festivals, places to see, and more. Our hope is that this site will be a resource for all who are preparing to travel to Tibet, or simply want to understand more about this rich and mysterious culture.

Do you understand the difference between Amdo, Kham, and Central Tibet? How about what type of permit is needed to visit Tibet? Maybe you just love learning about the world, and your Tibetan cultural knowledge could use a little brushing up. Regardless of your interest in Tibet, we hope you’ll use it for all it’s worth!

A feature of Tibetpedia that we are particularly excited about is the Tibetan Business Highlights. We at Extravagant Yak we feel strongly about showing the world the Tibet we love, so we have put together short excerpts on businesses that we trust, are authentic, and we know will give visitors the very best experience of Tibet.

These companies have shown great entrepreneurial spirit and are contributing to positive growth in their communities. Extravagant Yak values all they do for their communities, so we wanted to feature them on Tibetpedia in order to see them continue to succeed and give back. We hope you will find delight in reading some of the stories behind these entrepreneurs and businesses, and may be tempted to pay some of them a visit on your next trip to Tibet. While we have provided their contact information, you may prefer asking us to help you in dealing with or visiting these particular places – we are happy to help!

Don’t forget to check back every once in a while as we will be releasing more articles in the future!

We officially launched this site on Monday June 27, 2016!

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