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Not For the Faint of Heart: Cycling Chengdu – Lhasa

Date: January 20th, 2016

We were contacted last summer by a fellow named Con who was inquiring about riding a bike to Lhasa. As is often the case with inquiries we receive online, we initially figured we were dealing with a dreamer who would abandon such a foolish notion once we injected a little reality into his fantasy! This … [Read more]

Live Booking on ExtravagantYak.com!

Date: August 10th, 2015

To keep in step with our theme of joining the 21st century (such as our world shaking announcement back in January of having video on our site), we are happy to now offer the ability to book a Tibetan adventure in real time from our website. We debated the pros and cons of this for … [Read more]

Nepal Earthquake and Tibet

Date: May 10th, 2015

Hours following the breaking news of Nepal’s earthquake on April 25 we received touching emails from both former clients and other tourism businesses expressing their concern for us and asking if we are safe. For that we are very grateful. Fortunately for us Chengdu is a long way from Nepal and we experienced nothing so … [Read more]

Lhasa in Winter

Date: January 14th, 2014

Last week our Weekender tour attracted the attention of a couple of Swiss businessmen in Hong Kong. Happy to find time for a trip to Lhasa even in winter, they flew into Chengdu on the evening of the first day in time to enjoy a Sichuan Opera show while experiencing local style hot pot. The … [Read more]

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