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Cycling Scenic Tibet: Perfect End to the Season

Date: December 12th, 2015

Making five new friends from Canada, and one from California, was the perfect way to wrap up the Tibet tourist season. Ron & Friends, as we affectionately refer to them, were six guys who have done some riding all over the world together over the years. Much to our delight, they decided that 2015 was … [Read more]

LEMAN International School Visits Glacier Park

Date: September 16th, 2015

Extravagant Yak was thrilled when we found out that Leman International School wanted to take advantage of the proximity of Tibet’s land and people to Chengdu. They chose the town of Heishui tucked away in the mountains of northern Sichuan. This hideaway place is best known for a glacier park which features a state-of-the-art gondola … [Read more]

Live Booking on!

Date: August 10th, 2015

To keep in step with our theme of joining the 21st century (such as our world shaking announcement back in January of having video on our site), we are happy to now offer the ability to book a Tibetan adventure in real time from our website. We debated the pros and cons of this for … [Read more]

First Amdo Tibet tour in 2015

Date: April 5th, 2015

Tsering is always keen to introduce foreign guests to the beauty of Amdo Tibet, especially when it involves escorting them to the beauty of her childhood village to experience the warm hospitality found in her own home. This first tour of the year to her village of Tiewu turned out be an intimate journey. Two … [Read more]

Launch of Amdo Tibet Tours

Date: February 8th, 2015

There is now a whole new category of Tibet tours on our website. In the past few weeks we have launched three brand new tours under the Amdo Tibet category, each one offering an incredibly unique experience from the other. The Overland Heart of Amdo tour is an overland odyssey for those who don’t want to miss anything and are … [Read more]

Route Development Trip in Amdo Tibet

Date: January 26th, 2015

For the past nine days we’ve been on the road for one of our annual route development and site inspection trips. Somehow it doesn’t feel right to call this work! Since Tsering Tso joined us in August last year, one of the things we’ve been anticipating is opening up tours into the Amdo region of Tibet. She is … [Read more]

Siguniang Shan (Four Sisters Mountain) Trek

Date: April 29th, 2014

Last weekend doubled as a father/son adventure and an Extravagant Yak research trip. Together with some friends, Jim and his two sons (11 & 13) decided to see if it was possible (weather permitting) to summit the lowest of the Four Sisters peaks in only 4 days, leaving from Chengdu on day 1 and returning … [Read more]

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