Spring Cycling in Tibet

May 26, 2016

Jim and Abu were out in Eastern Tibet’s backcountry earlier this month for some route development work. Sometimes its hard to believe we get to call this work! This is what Jim had to say about the trip:

Due to an intriguing inquiry last fall from a group of 30 mountain bikers interested in an 8 day backcountry ride through Eastern Tibet, Abu and I spent a few days last week in the Kangding area checking our favourite routes and exploring a few new ones as well. Some of the lower valleys were already being touched by spring as we enjoyed green meadows and the opportunity to see the trees just beginning to bud. This is one of our favourite routes that accesses the backside of Yala mountain, an alpine wonderland of peaks, forests, and tranquility.


Despite a little bit of inclement weather, the most exciting discovery this time out was some ridge riding up around the Tagong area. After some hard work pedaling up over 4000m we were thrilled to find some fabulous single track formed by local traffic: yak, sheep, nomads, and motorcycles! The great riding was complemented by distant views of both the Yala and Minya Konka (Gongga Mountain) mountain ranges. The only human encounter we had this day was a friendly chat with a local monk who was out in the hills herding his yaks.


A representative for this large group of riders flew into Kangding for a few days to see what we had to offer. For a guy representing a group looking for a week of fantastic riding with minimum encounters with civilization, he was not disappointed. We look forward to hosting this testosterone heavy fraternity of riders in October this year!

Our happy client:


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