Namtso Lake Hospitality

March 24, 2015

Namtso Lake is one of the more awe inspiring landscapes to view in Central Tibet. Though a very long (too long in our opinion) round trip to make from Lhasa in only one day, it is certainly worth considering if you plan an overnight stay at the lake. While you’re at it, it affords the opportunity to view the nomadic lifestyle up close as their are multiple nomad communities camped around the lake during the summer months. Extravagant Yak features this as part of our Nomad Culture Tour.

Accommodation is limited when at the lake. The heartiest of travelers opt for joining the nomads and staying in a tent for an evening or two. For our guests we generally recommend staying in a local wild-west hostel (pictured above) by the side of the lake where there is warmth, wifi, decent food, and clean enough dorm-style rooms surrounding a large common area. Toilets are found in mobile trailer units outside.

The good news is that the epic scenery surrounding the hostel outside makes you quickly overlook the limitations within. After a few breathtaking hours visiting a local nomad camp, wandering the shoreline of the lake, and climbing the nearby hill for a stunning 360 degree vista, you are actually thrilled to return to the comfort of the hostel for some great sweet milk tea and the opportunity to send some photo spoils home to loved ones.


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