Five Day Custom Trip in Kham

August 25, 2016

We had the fortune of hosting five Canadian guests for a custom trip in Kham: a 5-day journey through Eastern Tibet. Although it was a short trip, the group enjoyed their time with our guide, Tsering. Her knowledgeable, flexible, and friendly personality was a highlight of their trip. The guests appreciated Tsering’s remarkable ability to make Tibetan culture understandable to outsiders.

What did our Canadian guests have to say about their custom trip in Kham Tibet?

Our clients enjoy their trip in Kham Tibet.

What at thrill it was to arrive in Kangding and find out that our trip coincided with the Khamba Tibetan Arts Festival! The performances all happened in the Kangding Square, only a short walk from our guesthouse. The various songs and dances they performed taught us about their unique lifestyle and displayed the beauty of their culture. Next, our eyes were further-opened to the wisdom and history of Tibetan culture as we toured the Kangding museum. We learned about Kham culture, Kham peoples’ lifestyle and religion. Our night ended with delicious and authentic Tibetan foods.

On the second day, we visited a local Tibetan Buddhist monastery called Lhamo Tse. It is the biggest monastery in Kangding, and it is full of history. We had the opportunity to watch Tibetan Buddhist monks debate, which is a very important aspect of their studies. After lunch, we enjoyed the beautiful view of Kangding town and mountains as we rode a cable car to Paoma Mountain. At the top of the mountain sits a temple surrounded with colorful prayer flags and tranquil lakes. We remained there through the afternoon, taking many pictures as we enjoyed the surrounding beauty.

Monks debate in a local Tibetan Buddhist Monastery

On the third day, we visited two Tibetan families in Pengbuxi. We arrived at our Tibetan friends’ house by noon and ate a delicious lunch with them. We were thrilled to be in such a peaceful village. Cottages and traditional Tibetan homes are woven through local farm fields. Herds of yaks and horses enjoy the abundant grass around. We hiked briefly through a peaceful area nearby the village. The entire 5-day journey was delightful for everyone, but experiencing the daily life and food of this local Tibetan family was the highlight of the trip. We all wished we could spend a few more days with local Tibetans and experience more of their daily life.

We enjoyed our custom trip in Kham Tibet

We enjoyed spending a few hours in the village.

It was a rewarding 5 day custom trip in Kham and we had so much fun with our guide, Tsering. Now we must say goodbye to the beautiful mountains and villages and drive back to the city – Chengdu.

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