British Lord and Lady Discover Danba

August 21, 2014

We had the fun of hosting an adventurous British family for a 10 day overland tour of Eastern Tibet earlier this month. With a five year old son in tow, they were keen to explore some of the lesser known parts of Tibet. They chose an overland route that began in Chengdu and took them through Kangding, Tagong, and Danba. As this area is simply breathtaking in its rugged beauty, we were not entirely surprised (but completely delighted!) when they stated that they saw some of the most stunning scenery of their lives.

The route from Kangding to Danba provided views of one of the most beautiful mountains in Eastern Tibet, Yala Mountain, as they followed a seemingly endless mountain canyon down to this tucked away town. High up on one of the surrounding hills sat their destination: a Tibetan home stay in the village of Zhonglu (above photo). On the surrounding slopes lay the ancient tower ruins that date back to the warring period between Tibetan clans. The host provided an historical and cultural tour of his 700 year old home complete with cultural relics from hundreds of years ago. The following day’s stroll around this remote Tibetan village gave them surreal insights into the farming lifestyle that has sustained this mountain side community for centuries, as well as the opportunity to taste fruit picked from the trees.

For the Lord and Lady, it was their shangri-la experience. Is it any wonder they inquired about purchasing property in Danba?

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