The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Tibet

May 2, 2016

Now that you’ve already decided to buy a ticket and take that trip to Tibet you’ve been daydreaming of, it’s time for you to plan out how long you’ll be staying in various cities and which places you’ll be visiting during your stay. Tibetan culture offers a lot of relics and monasteries to visit. Some of these must see attractions during Tibet tours and travels are:

  1. The Potala Palacetibet-895493_960_720

With its towering elevation and the treasures of Tibetan history, religion, culture and art it keeps, this majestic red and white palace is a true symbol of Tibetan Ancestry. This is considered as an iconic image as the Roof of the World, and inside it you can find a number of precious sculptures, murals,Buddha statues,religious pieces of jewelry and antiques.


This destination is almost always included in most Tibet tours and travels, and visitation of the estate is limited to one hour per group in order to preserve and protect the building.


  1. Jokhang Templejokhang-temple-479697_960_720

Pilgrims from different parts of Tibet visit this temple and consider it as their spiritual central point. They pray in front of their temple and then circle the temple clockwise.




  1. Monk Debates at Sera Monasterytibet-891298_960_720

Wearing their authentic red robes, the monks gather at the monastery’s courtyard every afternoon. During this gathering, the monks debate on various subjects and use a number of interesting gestures, some of whom even jump to give emphasis to their point. A number of tourists find this unusual gathering quite interesting to observe.


  1. Lake Yamdrokyamdrok-lake-479822_960_720

If you’re looking for a scenic view that can blow your mind, then make sure to put Lake Yamdrok on that itinerary. During clear days, the lake takes on a warm shade of turquoise. Within the vicinity of the lake, Tibetan villages and scenic fields of yaks can be seen.


If you travel from Lhasa, getting to the lake will take about 2 hours drive towards the direction of Shigatse. You can spend half a day near the lake to take pictures or enjoy the tranquillity it brings. Make sure to plan your visit to the lake only from April to October since the road to the lake is closed for the rest of the year due to snow and ice.


  1. Mount Everestmount-everest-413_960_720 (1)

This scenic view is many traveler’s dream and the trek above is many a hiker’s desire. It has an altitude of 5,200 meters and is not advised for faint-hearted folks.

If you wish to avoid the hassle of organizing which places you’ll be visiting and how much time to spend per destination, you can always get in touch with a Tibet travel agency and adhere to the mapped out plan for the trip they can provide.

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